The higher education campus experience could be a lot better and exciting.
So we introduce

compa: An open initiative to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among students of higher education

The compa suite comes with
a lot to make this possible.


Talk about anything with anyone. You can ask for help, share a discovery, make a notice; anything! Everybody else is allowed to make comments under conversations.

You can attach files, audio recordings and images to your posts.


Find upcoming events around campus. Don't miss out on any fun or lecture!

Anyone can post events for the visibility of everyone else.


The timetable is also a crowdsourced attempt to gather schedule for all courses, programmes and level.

You can download timetables as calendar events so you get reminders for lessons. [ ] Include how-to


Wondering how to join like minded individuals? The Communities feature will allow to discover and join interest groups and interact with them about things you're passionate about.

Together, we can.


Sharing and accessing lesson materials over whatsapp can be overwhelming and slow. With compa Library, there is a quick filter and search filter at your whim.

Anyone can upload/share files on compa. Just log in.


If you're selling, reach your customers right on campus. If you're buying, there's a high chance you'll find someone on campus ready to sell.

Selling is open to everyone. Go ahead! Put your used textbooks on display.


For those who want some daily fun. For others who love to compete. This is your place.

Everyday in the morning, there's a new challenge for everyone to tackle.

compa works on a few principles


Your school's compa succeeds when everyone contributes. Be it lesson materials, timetable entries, events, discussions, etc. Nothing is the responsibility* of one person or a few people. As long as you can log in, you can contribute to anything.

Anything published on compa is open to the world. Even if the person is not part of your school. However, contribution is limited to only logged in users.


Compa does not gather what you do not share. You only provide a username of choice and school email during sign up and that's all the personal details we require.

*Note that voluntaringly sharing other details via conversations or other methods are your responsibility.


Every instance of compa is separate from the other. This means, a compa instance hosted for KNUST shares nothing with a compa instance hosted for University of Ghana. Therefore, only students of the related school can sign up and log in to the respective schools.

This design allows each instance to customize their experience however needed, keep systems fast and protected from combined attacks.